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Way Out
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He the only one, I had.
10.5.137:35 PTG

After all of the problem before we are being a couple . I'm always fight w him. I'm crying because that situations. I'm in love w him . Thanks to god . I'm yours . I want you to know that I'm really in love w you . You're so special for me . I'm really appreciate you . I want to be w me till forever . I want you to be a last person thats was special in my life . Gimme your heart . Thankyou for your protect . I feel safe when i'm w you. Actually, You're so mean to me MohdRizuaShafiqiKamarulzaman. Please always be w me ?

Posting .
7:32 PTG

The fighting moment ;

Sweet moments ;

The gediks moments ;

Thanks for the sweet words ;

Penakut :p

Thanks again to be part of my life iloveyou